Even if you cannot donate financially, there are many ways to help us. Can your organization throw a fundraiser for us? Can you donate space for museum programs and events? Can you donate your time and help with ongoing clean up efforts? If you or your organization would like to learn more about ways to contribute, please contact our Museum …

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Help with clean up

The African American Museum is sending out a community wide and city wide call for volunteers to join us at the  museum, every Saturday at 10:00am until 3:00pm. Please call us at  216-721-6555. We need you to bring your gloves, cleaning materials, brooms, paper towels, garbage bags, ladders, etc., to help us clean. Let’s take collective responsibility to bring our …

Fish Fry Fridays

Friday August 21, 2020


Museum will have a Fish Fry 5 pm till 8 pm.   Vendors $20 

Admission Free, dinners are $10 donation, also showing free movie starting at 7 pm “I Am Not Your Negro”, discussion to follow viewing. 

I Am Not Your Negro is a 2016 documentary film directed by Raoul Peck, based on James Baldwin’s unfinished manuscript Remember This House. Narrated by actor Samuel L. Jackson, the film explores the history of racism in the United States through Baldwin’s reminiscences of civil rights leaders Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King Jr., as well as his personal observations of American history.[3] It was nominated for Best Documentary Feature at the 89th Academy Awards and won the BAFTA Award for Best Documentary.

Life in Southern Hemisphere

Antarctica is Earth’s southernmost continent, containing the geographic South Pole. It is situated in the Antarctic region of the Southern Hemisphere, almost entirely south of the Antarctic Circle, and is surrounded by the Southern Ocean. At 14,000,000 square kilometres, it is the fifth-largest continent in area after Asia, Africa, North America, and South America. For comparison, Antarctica is nearly twice …

Zebras in Tanzania

Zebras are several species of African equids united by their distinctive black and white striped coats. Their stripes come in different patterns, unique to each individual. They are generally social animals that live in small harems to large herds. Unlike their closest relatives the horses and donkeys, zebras have never been truly domesticated. There are three species of zebras: the …